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Pine Forest Stream Oolong

Xi Tou Range, 5,900 ft. elev.

NanTou County

‘WuLong’ Cultivar

7-10% Oxidized, Lightly Baked, Rolled

reminiscent of; cedar, orchid & lilac
Pine Forest Stream Oolong also called Shan Ling Xi Oolng is from a mountain area in NanTou County of central Taiwan. The mountain is covered in clouds and fog with short daylight hours, combined with high elevation provides ideal growing conditions The soil is fertile and there is abundant rainfall. It is part of the famous environmental areathat is known as the primitive rain forest tea area. Tea farms were established in Shan Lin Xi during the1970's. Know for low caffeine content, high amino acids, never bitter, said to last long & fragrant like eternal spring.
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