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A-Li Mt. Oolong

Ali Mountain Area, 4,600 Ft. elev.

Jiayi County

ade Heart ‘Qing Xin’ Cultivar

15-25% Oxidized, Medium Baked, Rolled

reminiscent of cream, palm tree flower & cassia
Alishan is one of Taiwan's most famous tea areas and a national park. This area is in the eastern side of Ali Shan in the Xin Xing mountain area and native to many old growth trees. The red soil mountain area is covered in fog and mist year round and produces ideal conditions for growing tea. The temperatures remain cool here providing slow growth which makes for a finer tea. Natives believe the area to hold a kind of spitirual power. Qing Xin cultivars are used to grow tea here, the majority of which are the green variety.
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