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Green Narcissus

Central Mountains, 3,300 Ft. Elev. NanTou County

Water Sprite, ‘Shui Xian’ Varietal

5-7% Oxidized & Rolled

reminiscent of orchid, honey & apple
Known also as Water Fairy, Water Immmortal & Narcissus. Shui Xian is from the Phoenix Mountain (Feng Huang Shan) varietals, famous for their rich orchid fragrance. This greener version is grown in Taiwan’s central tea mountains picked from the branch's first 3-4 sets then wilted, bruised and hand-rolled into a pearl shape.The narcissus aroma is deeply penetrating and the trademark of this type of Shui Xian has an orchid rich scent that lingers in the drinkers’ mouths.
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