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Da Yu Ling Oolong

Li Shan Range 7,500 ft. Elev.

Tai Chung County

Jade Green Scented With Jasmine

10% Oxidized Lightly Baked, Rolled

reminiscent of sugar cane, peach & oolong
Da Yu Ling is the highest oolong tea growing regions east of the Himalayas, located in central Taiwan.  Prized by tea connoisseurs worldwide, this extremely high mountain tea ‘Gao Shan Cha’ grows slowly from a constant cloud & mist cover and a cooler growing temperature. The result is a condensed penetrating ‘qi’ & aroma, containing a higher content of L-theanine amino acid, which provides a smooth body and delicious sweet flavor. High mountain teas are typically more aromatic, smooth & have a longer lasting fragrance.
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